Interest-free trustless
margin trading

Increase your position by leveraging your crypto assets to get interest-free loans in DXAU, a stable coin pegged to the value of one XAU. We are also studying about using blockchain technology to develop health care and well-being . With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is also accepted widely. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency in the world and the bitcoin robots like the bitcoin prime are fetching good profits to the traders. Visit bitcoin prime app 2021 to learn more about this platform.

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IFX24 is an interest-free trustless margin trading exchange that provides interest-free loans by enabling users to collateralise their digital assets to get a stable coin pegged to the price of XAU "DXAU" at zero fees. IFX24 also replaces centralized account balances with a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that holds all account balances. This hybrid model of a centralized matching engine coupled with decentralized account balances gives traders the speed and reliability of off-chain price discovery combined with the trustless security of on-chain account settlement.

Why IFX24?


IFX24 is a decentralized smart contract exchange that provides the simplest, easiest and most secure way to trade and accumulate digital assets with zero commission.


IFX24 protocol allows you to borrow funds without waiting for a counterparty or peer. You can use borrowed tokens to run protocols to accumulate more assets, withdraw for personal use without paying any interest.

Liquidity Pool

IFX24 liquidity pool protocol provides a secure way to earn interest on digital assets by providing funding to traders (accumulators) wanting to pay back their loan. A user can offer loan using DXAU Stable coin. In addition to this, users can also use borrowed funds from IFX24 loan protocol to stake in the liquidity pool.


Transactions are publicly broadcasted on Ethereum blockchain ledger for the community to view and audit.

Loan Repayment

Liquidating your asset due to loan default can be costly; IFX24 offers traders a chance to borrow directly from IFX24 liquidity pool protocol to offset their loan instantly.

Multi Collateral

With IFX24, it easy to trade and collateralize any top Ethereum tokens and blockchain assets to get interest-Free loans to accumulate more crypto-assets or to spend.


Funds distributed to liquidity pool participants while you were on the page


Based on what the pool generates and how many other people are in with you. And if you've contributed more, you get a higher percentage back.


If the exchange makes a loss, nothing gets deducted from your wallet. And you can leave the pool and retrieve your tokens after 30 days lockup period. But, when it comes to the wallet, it is always ideal to choose the top bitcoin wallet for a better experience and safety.


We put in 80% of our funds generated from every revenue stream. From spreads to risk positions. Even transaction and placement fees go in.