IFX24 is a decentralized smart contract exchange which provides the simplest, easiest and most secure way to trade and accumulate digital assets with zero commission.

All funding and withdrawal are done automatically and the users pay for the gas fees.

IFX24 allows users to seamlessly trade and accumulate digital assets. IFX24 is made up of a smart contract, a trading engine, and a transaction processing arbiter. The smart contract is responsible for trustless storing all assets, lending digital assets to users and executing trade settlement, and all trades must be authorized by the user's private keys.

To trade and borrow an interest free loan on IFX24, A monthly membership fee is required from the user. The membership gives users a leverage to execute a certain amount of transaction for free (See our FEE Structure),access to interest free loans and access to offset debt using funds from IFX24 liquidity pool.

To register on IFX24, You will be required to sign in with your email address enter other information as required for the registration process. Once your registration is confirmed you can start trading with your software wallet (Metamask, imtoken) or your private key.

Yes, if you have family and friends you can refer them and get rewarded instantly.


CDP means Collaterized Debt Position. A CDP enables the generation of DXAU stable coin against any collateral that you lock up in the CDP until you pay back the DXAU generated.

Collaterized means that you are giving IFX24 the authority to hold your asset and borrow you a loan to spend or used in accumulation of more asset.

This is the ratio between the value of the collateral deposited in your CDP and how much DXAU you have generated from it. Because the price of your asset constantly fluctuates, you should keep this well above 150% minimum ratio to avoid your CDP from being liquidated.

Minimum ratio is the minimum percentage of your collaterized assets risk compared to your borrowed loan.

The Liquidation Price is the lowest unit price the staked collateral can reach before the CDP becomes vulnerable to liquidation.

The Liquidation Penalty is a fee added to the total outstanding DXAU debt when a liquidation occurs, which is subtracted from a user's collateral holdings.

Yes, once your asset is liquidated, a liquidation fee of 13% is applied after which the balance remaining is deposited into your bank account.

Loans borrowed from IFX24 liquidity pool attract no fees.

The maximum duration of all loans borrowed from IFX24 pool is 30days. If you need a long term loan please use makerdao CDP

If your loan is not returned after 30days the system will automatically liquidate your assets and return the remaining balance to your wallet.

No, No fees are charged during the process of collaterization and getting loan. But user must pays all gas fees associated with it.

Pay with LP means to pay back borrowed loan from our Liquidity Pool while Payback means to pay fro your balance.

It cost 2.5% to pay from our liquidity pool


All transactions on the Ethereum network cost gas, a fee that is paid to miners in order to process the transaction.

Users on IFX24 are responsible for the payment of this gas fee.

IFX24 don't allow users to adjust their gas fees to enable all trades to be mind at a reasonable time to avoid backlog of trades.

IFX24 uses Eth gas station to set the price of gas in real time. The fastest Ethgasstation's setting +3 is used to allow miners to mine all trades as fast as possible.


Private keys are in control of the users. When a user unlocks their wallet, their private key is stored encrypted in browser memory and cannot be accessed outside of the IFX24 platform. Private keys are only accessed locally to sign transactions on behalf of a user and are never transmitted outside the device. On sign out, the private key is destroyed from memory and cannot be accessed.